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Planning for ArtExpo New York

For the last few months I have spent a lot of time focusing on my upcoming exhibit at ArtExpo New York. Participating in art shows requires a lot of thought and planning.

Once the size of my exhibit space is confirmed, it is time to design the booth layout. The walls of the exhibit space are really a giant blank canvas on which to create. This is where I decide what sizes of paintings I would like to exhibit. A challenge is creating the layout for the main feature wall and to create a great first impression that grabs people’s attention as well as thinking of the logistics of shipping it to the show.

Once the layout is complete, then the real fun begins as I head into the studio and begin the creative process. The planned layout for the show usually changes numerous times because I don’t always know what will emerge once the real creativity begins. When I am thrilled with the collection of paintings that I have painted, it is time to curate which ones will make the cut for the show. Sometimes a painting that I absolutely love will stay behind.

Time plays a big role in the schedule to allow for drying, packaging and shipping. I carefully pack my paintings for the journey. I also work with an outstanding logistics company who have extensive experience in shipping art to shows. They know the time it takes to safely ship artwork so that it arrives on time.

Along with completing the paintings, I make sure to have quality photographs of each piece to use for my website, social media, press kits and future promotions. My art show checklist also includes marketing materials, for the specific show, which also need to be completed. This consists of the booth signage, business cards, postcards, title cards, press releases, tools and supplies to hang my paintings, as well as the extras, just in case, like some paint and brushes. 

My new collection of paintings are now on their way to ArtExpo New York. I am looking forward to reuniting with them soon! 


Hangzhou China Art Exhibition Highlights

I was honoured to be selected as one of 56 artists from 22 countries to be in the third “Belt and Road” Contemporary Art Exhibition at the Hangzhou Qianjiang International Art Museum.


 As well, to participate in a contemporary international cultural exchange to respect the cultural diversity of countries around the world and promote peace, freedom, humanity, and environmental protection.

Our host and international curator, Mr. Zhang Xiangzhong, spoiled us with amazing tours and special events. Below is a short slideshow of some of the highlights of the beautiful places and wonderful memories created with new friends. I am grateful to have had the opportunity with the Eureka Global Art group.


How to Choose an Artist for Commissions

I am thrilled to contribute to this question about choosing an artist for custom artwork in the Tastefully Inspired blog series by Kathleen Bandaruk on “Art in Design – The Home”. September 13, 2018 , Tastefully Inspired [click for original article] 

Large custom contemporary art

“Listen to Your Heart” commission for a wonderful lady with a great spirit and loving heart, and “Deja Bleu 4” for a client in London, England.

Here is my contribution:
Lynette Melnyk, Fine Artist and Creative Consultant, has this to say about the process and what to look for in commissioning a piece of art. (more…)


What Am I Doing?

Summer 2018 Edition , Purposeful Entrepreneur Magazine [click for original article]

Lynette Melnyk - artist - mentor - creative consultant

Lynette Melnyk, Artist, Mentor, Creative Consultant featured in Purposeful Entrepreneur – CREATE Summer 2018

What Am I Doing? This is a question I often ask myself. I am at a time in my life that I could be slowing down and taking it easy, but I find myself busier than ever, learning new things and taking more chances. Why? I have always enjoyed keeping busy and being creative, but sometimes this is ridiculous and daunting.  (more…)


How I Choose Titles For My Paintings

Pause to Wonder, acrylic painting on canvas, 24×36″ (91x61cm)

People often ask me how do I choose the titles for my paintings. It is a great question because there can be a number of variables involved when I make that decision for a piece of art.

The title can be influenced by a song lyric, a phrase I have heard beforehand that resonates with me and suits the painting, the emotions I was feeling during the creative process, or the feelings or thoughts I have when I finish the painting and reflect upon what has transpired. (more…)


Escapism Through Art – Connecting to Your Happy Place

There are many times we just have to say to ourselves… breathe. It is so easy to let everyday life get the better of us and not really enjoy the here and now. For me, I find water calming and relaxing. All I need is the ocean, sand, surf and sun and I am instantly at peace.

My painting “Breathe” (48” x 36”, acrylic on canvas) is the end result of transporting myself and connecting with my happy place. After the winter here, I needed to escape. While I did not physically go to my favourite tropical destination this winter, I was able to transform my studio into a magical space of relaxing calm by (more…)


How Art Can Empower You to Connect

Empower is a strong word. By definition, it means “the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.” So what does it have to do with art?

In February, Karen Brooks, of Wear With Passion, featured myself and four other women in her Forever Fierce: Voices of the Midlife Revolution blog post. The post was about what it means to be fierce at midlife. I never really thought of myself as fierce, but when I learned more about the Forever Fierce movement and its intention to empower women in midlife and beyond, it struck a chord with me. Maybe I was fierce after all. (more…)