Creative Consultant

Always an entrepreneur with the goal to help others: 

Lynette has been involved in artistic endeavours throughout her life, with formal education and experience in interior design, visual communication design, photography, painting and marketing.

Creative Consultant. Do you wonder what art to buy to complement your interior, where to hang paintings, how to do a gallery wall, or how to create a certain impression and mood? Lynette can help create a harmonious environment. It is so important to live and work in a place that you enjoy. Every space can be enhanced with the thoughtful arranging of original art. It can make a room complete or extend the brand of a corporate culture. Here’s how it works. Her creative consultant service helps you access your current situation and choose artwork you will love to complete your space. An hourly rate or package lets you decide which is best for you.

Creative Collaborator. Do you have ideas for a project that need an extra burst of creativity to make it sing. Contact Lynette to discuss if we are a perfect match to work together. 

Creative Business Coach. Do you require an outside perspective for your business? Lynette owned and operated a successful design, marketing and corporate communications business for many years and continues to evolve the creative communication process through her art. Her extensive expertise in running a business and working with clients allows her to coach emerging artists through the maze of managing a business.

Contact Lynette for more details.