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Upcoming Show:

Artpoint Gallery “Summer Invitational” Exhibition
July 5 – 26, 2018
Opening reception Thursday, July 5, 5:00 – 9:00 pm
1139 – 11 Street SE, Calgary

Western Art Gallery Calgary Stampede
July 4 – 15, 2018
BMO Centre at Stampede Park, 1410 Olympic Way SE, Calgary


Recent Shows:

cSPACE King Edward – Level 2 Hallway Gallery
Solo exhibition June 11-23, 2018
2nd floor, 1721 – 29 Avenue SW, Calgary

Art & Design Show – Artistic Entities
Saturday, May 26, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
4303 Varsity Drive NW, Calgary, AB

ArtExpo New York, Booth #234
April 19-22, 2018

PIER 94, 711 12th Avenue, New York, NY

Spectrum Miami  (juried, solo booth #S929)
December 6-10, 2017
1700 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL


 As Seen in Art Tour International Magazine


The Spring 2018 issue of Art Tour International Magazine was released at ArtExpo New York in April, and I am thrilled to be one of the featured artists in their “Best of International Arts” issue. The double page spread features six of my paintings along with a brief write-up. You can view part of my feature through this link (). With worldwide readership, Art Tour International is an award-winning publication dedicated to exposing visual and performing artists to the eyes of art lovers worldwide.




 Uplifting Instagram Accounts in YYC

By Ella Clarens – February 8, 2018 , Vern Magazine, Life & Style

Last year was a year of growth and getting back to the basics; it was a year of re-evaluating and letting of go of all that did not serve us. This year is about starting fresh on a positive note. Here are ten Instagram accounts to keep your spirits high, motivated and in gratitude:

Lynette Melnyk is a #YYC painter who captures your gaze with her paintbrush. It’s all about the flow of each stoke and mixing different colors together to produce a masterpiece! Recently, she was part of a massive art show taking place during the internationally famous Miami Art Week: Spectrum Miami 2017. Melnyk has even ventured on to use different mediums such a wire to add another dimension to her work. When watching her Instagram stories of her paint, you cannot help but feel at ease.



The Art of Creativity and Conversation

By Haffa M.K. – January 14, 2018 – from Coco & Co LDN, Recommended by Coco     [click for original article]

Coco has recently partnered up with Lynette Melnyk – creative consultant, fine artist and undeniable aesthetic genius. Lynette is a true maestro of the arts with an abundance of raw talent supplemented by a formal education, and a boldness strengthened by a unique vision.

Contemporary artist, Lynette Melnyk has a distinct style combining a refined luxurious aesthetic with an edge, resulting in sought-after artwork which answers one’s desire for uniqueness.

Her abstract expressionist style is created from her interpretation of nature, dance and different genres of music. Her curvaceous strokes and fluid movements are representative of an elegant strength found in nature, so similar to the winding and personal journey of our own lives. Her brush strokes are like painting music, from energetic and bold abstracts to lyrical and soothing flows. Music itself is abstract, and the musical influences appear on the canvas through expressive and emotional movements.

With each painting there are no rules or restrictions. The creativity flows, just as the paint flows. The layers and layers create a depth to the story. Her art is a powerful communicator and it has a meaningful authenticity to express emotions and conversations. Her goal is to engage and inspire viewers through the captivating flow of movements, masterful colour palettes and unexpected whimsy.

Lynette is rapidly building a strong following of collectors in North America and Europe. She recently completed two large commissions for an interior designer in London, England for the Arlington House Apartments England, with additional inquiries from Abu Dhabi and Singapore.

Creative endeavours have always been a part of her life, with formal education in interior design, visual communication design, photography and painting. She owned and operated a successful design, marketing and corporate communications business for many years and continues to evolve the creative communication process through her art.


Art and Music Collaboration

Art + music = A Beautiful Therapeutic Collaboration between Canada and Italy
Lynette Melnyk is a contemporary abstract artist who interprets music in her art.
Tom Conti is a musician and composer with a passion for music.

The two artists have combined their talents to create this art and music therapy video “Through The Struggle”.
This classical piece is composed by Tom Conti, and is one of 12 on his latest album, which is based upon the fact that we have physical and emotional reactions to certain musical progressions and patterns. Tom says of his music “The fact that we compose them to help individuals reduce stress, anxiety, restlessness and emotional imbalances in a very natural way is no coincidence.”

See more of Lynette’s artwork at
Hear more of Tom’s compositions at