Planning for ArtExpo New York

For the last few months I have spent a lot of time focusing on my upcoming exhibit at ArtExpo New York. Participating in art shows requires a lot of thought and planning.

Once the size of my exhibit space is confirmed, it is time to design the booth layout. The walls of the exhibit space are really a giant blank canvas on which to create. This is where I decide what sizes of paintings I would like to exhibit. A challenge is creating the layout for the main feature wall and to create a great first impression that grabs people’s attention as well as thinking of the logistics of shipping it to the show.

Once the layout is complete, then the real fun begins as I head into the studio and begin the creative process. The planned layout for the show usually changes numerous times because I don’t always know what will emerge once the real creativity begins. When I am thrilled with the collection of paintings that I have painted, it is time to curate which ones will make the cut for the show. Sometimes a painting that I absolutely love will stay behind.

Time plays a big role in the schedule to allow for drying, packaging and shipping. I carefully pack my paintings for the journey. I also work with an outstanding logistics company who have extensive experience in shipping art to shows. They know the time it takes to safely ship artwork so that it arrives on time.

Along with completing the paintings, I make sure to have quality photographs of each piece to use for my website, social media, press kits and future promotions. My art show checklist also includes marketing materials, for the specific show, which also need to be completed. This consists of the booth signage, business cards, postcards, title cards, press releases, tools and supplies to hang my paintings, as well as the extras, just in case, like some paint and brushes. 

My new collection of paintings are now on their way to ArtExpo New York. I am looking forward to reuniting with them soon! 


2 thoughts on “Planning for ArtExpo New York

  1. Sarah Nguyen

    I can’t wait to see it! Exactly where is it and do you know your booth number yet? I will send a few friends to see you.
    It’s a VIP lady that is highly influential.
    I’m working on her next charity event.
    Wished I can be there. It’s my home. I love nyc!

    1. Lynette Post author

      Hi Sarah,
      Oh, it would have been so great to meet you. I know we will connect soon in real life. New York is wonderful.
      ArtExpo NY is at Pier 90
      711 12th Avenue, New York, NY 10019. I am at Booth # 371. It is open April 4-7. Thursday, April 7 is for trade only (bring ID). Please see the link below for complimentary tickets. I look forward to meeting your friends.
      Click “Tickets” at the top.

      Big hugs and love to you,


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