Your Life in Art

Your Life in Art

What is worth celebrating?      You. Your Life. Events. Achievements. Adventures.

Life is a journey and we experience so many meaningful moments along the way. Now, you can reconnect with these fleeting memories and emotions with distinctive, self-defined, custom art.

Who can do this?      Any individual or company who has a story to tell: weddings, travels, special occasions, anniversaries, goals, milestones, and achievements.

A desire to help people see their true value and self-worth led me to create an opportunity for individuals, groups and corporations to tell their stories in a purely artistic manner.

Art is a powerful communicator and by using your pieces of history, I visually provide a way to share your story. My artwork incorporates carefully applying layers of photography, typography, paper collectibles and acrylic paint. My extensive creative experience allows me to generate ideas that make a lasting impact with your artwork. I listen to clients and research each piece of art to add more value, personality and even some surprises to produce a treasured artwork. The finished piece is transparent layers of your story. It is rewarding when the final art encourages thought, emotions and inspiration for others.

How do you tell your story?

1. Connect – Let’s discuss your storyAvignon_art_process2
and if this custom process is right
for you.
2. Collect – Gather relevant photos, memorabilia, and significant items.
3. Create – Need I say more!
4. Celebrate – Time for your private or public unveiling.

Contact me today to start your life in art commission. Phone 403.210.2641 or use the form below.

Clients may choose from canvas sizes 16″x20″ and larger. Custom ‘Your Life in Art’ commissions start at $900 (+GST) and are based on size and amount of material incorporated.

A sample of my artwork process, shown to the right, is 20″x16″.


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